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As the Montessori School of Englewood develops a proven model for educating and nurturing some of our country’s most at-risk students, the school needs your support.  Public funding falls nearly $500,000 short of the amount required to operate the school, with the school also facing many other critical needs. Your generous support will enable the school to:

  • Continue providing a safe, supportive learning environment. The school must raise $450,000 annually for basic operational expenses, such as teacher salaries, supplies and building costs.

  • Grow a much-needed reserve capital fund.  This fund will allow the school to plan long-term, so it can remain a place of peace and stability for students and the community.

  • Improve its food program. For many students, school lunch is the only meal they receive. MSE needs a more robust approach to food insecurity to ensure that no child goes hungry.

  • Hire a school nurse. West Englewood residents have higher rates of chronic illnesses than other neighborhoods, yet they lack access to proper medical care. A full-time nurse can help address these vital needs and minimize health issues that impact students’ ability to learn.

Investing in the school’s future allows MSE, in turn, to create a child-centered environment that promotes peace, learning and positive growth. By providing a Montessori education that’s committed to supporting students’ total well-being, The Montessori School of Englewood is opening up a new world for its students – and providing a blueprint for other communities to do the same.

Please donate using the form on the page and give today. For more information on programmatic and naming opportunities, please contact Rita Nolan at Thank you for your generosity!

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​On AmazonSmile, customers can enjoy the same, convenient shopping features on Amazon while donating to their organization of choice. When you register your account with the Montessori School of Englewood, .5% of your purchase price will be donated to our school. Register your AmazonSmile account with MSE here.

Help our Teachers on Donors Choose

Want to know exactly where your donation is going? Try donating through Donors Choose. There, our teachers post classroom requests — from dance lessons to technology to healthy snacks — that you can help fund directly. The projects give our students exciting new experiences, often taking them outside the classroom to explore Chicago. You can donate as much or as little as you choose to each project. Take a look at Donors Choose here.

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