We have all experienced or will experience some form of inequity, interactions with diverse groups, discriminatory practices, racism, and all of the other -isms that exist. The social-historical experience of human interactions and the consistent and continued miseducation and lack of understanding of people different from each other produces false stories. At the Montessori School of Englewood, we attempt to provide an educational experience for staff, students, and families that educate on the following principals:


We will seek to fulfill this mission by focusing on these seven principles


  1. Truth -that which is based on honesty and integrity

  2. Justice- fairness in all things

  3. Righteousness-right thoughts, words, and deeds

  4. Reciprocity-what goes around comes around

  5. Balance-giving appropriate attention and energy  to what is important

  6. Order-all things are done decently and in a proper fashion

  7. Harmony-living peacefully with all things (Hilliard, 1995)


We believe that education on these seven principles will produce individuals who will bring about change in others who will contribute to our society's growth in Equity, Racial Equity, and Diversity.

How will these seven principals be evidenced in TMSOE’s curriculum and daily practices? 


Gay (2000) describes culturally responsive teaching as having these characteristics:


·      It acknowledges the legitimacy of the cultural heritage of different ethnic groups, both as legacies that affect students' dispositions, attitudes, and approaches to learning and as worthy content to be taught in the formal curriculum.

·      It builds bridges of meaningfulness between home and school experiences and between academic abstractions and lived sociocultural realities.

·     It teaches students to know and praise their own and each others' cultural heritages (p.29). 


Without Culturally Responsive pedagogy, we continue to perpetuate a digressive system instead of a more progressive one that values diversity in word and deed.



Gay, G. (2000). Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research, & Practice.  New York:  Teachers College Press.

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