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MSE values uniqueness.

All children learn in different ways, and Montessori accommodates all learning styles through individual and small group lessons.

MSE teaches self-regulation.

The materials and routines in the classroom help a child learn coordination, concentration, and independence.


MSE empowers students to actively seek out learning.

The Montessori classroom gives students the tools to follow their interests and curiosities for learning that lasts a lifetime.

MSE builds community.

The mixed age classroom mimics the family structure with older children being mentors and role models to younger peers.

MSE promotes peace.

Teachers model respect, peaceful conflict resolution, and kindness.


MSE builds innovators.

Studies have shown Montessorians are more creative writers, stronger in math and reading, and interact in a more emotionally positive way. 

MSE Commits to our families.

MSE's believes in the strength of community through our parents. MSE's Family and Community Engagement Coordinator (FACE)serves as liaison and directs any concerns to the Principal/Executive Director. The Principal or Executive Director coordinates any needed meetings.