Internet Safety for Children


Online learning during the pandemic means our children have spent more time on the Internet than ever this school year. While the Internet offers lots of positive opportunities for learning, it is important to take the appropriate precautions to keep our children safe. 
Here are some ways to ensure Internet safety at home:


  • Communicate with your children about what is and is not proper contact and behavior online. Spend time with them, looking at their favorite websites. Maintain access to your child’s accounts, passwords, and email, chat, or message system.

  • Control the amount of time and the hours of the day your child is online. Children are most vulnerable during evening hours when potential offenders expect them to be online and possibly unsupervised.

  • Keep your computer in a shared room in your home so that what is on the screen is visible. Find out what the monitoring practices are at friend’s houses.

  • If you see anything inappropriate in your child’s interactions, contact local law enforcement immediately. It is also essential to let your child’s teacher know.

  • Keep an eye out for bullying and harassment in your child’s internet activity, even on family-friendly websites like Facebook.

  • Remind your children to never, ever share personal information over the internet, including a home address, phone number, or school name. 

  • Check the privacy and security settings of your computer and mobile device(s) to keep your family’s information security.

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