• At the Montessori School of Englewood, we share a fundamental belief that young children develop in the context of family and community. Our work is based on our belief that young children have an innate zest for learning that is grounded in the desire to understand self, their community, and the larger world they live in. ​​​​

  • With the Montessori pedagogy as our guide, we will impact the lives of all the students we serve. All children in our program will develop the necessary social and academic skills to succeed in elementary school and beyond. Parents and caregivers will take advantage of program services to support their development into well-informed, self-sufficient members of society who are able to advocate for themselves and their children. But most important, as educated, self reliant individuals, MSE students will realize their fullest potential and become primary architects of their futures. We hope that you find our mission compelling so that your child may become an integral part of TMSOE and help shape the future of Englewood, Chicago, and the world at large.

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